Let Us Help You Clear Up Premenstrual Acne

Some women have very little acne, except “right before your period’ which means about 7- 10 days before your period will start. Just as progesterone is rising, your level of the male hormone testosterone is rising, and your estrogen level is a bit below what it is in the follicular or pre-ovulation phase.

Thankfully, with natural cycles, your progesterone will precipitously plummet, the testosterone is fairly stable, the estrogen will very gradually rise, and, if you haven’t picked, the flare ups will clear quickly.

If you have acne, and regular periods, about two thirds of women will also get a premenstrual flare, whether or not you have other signs or symptoms of PMS.

Glands of the skin produce a thick oily substance called sebum that acts as a natural lubricant for a woman’s skin. Sebum can vary chemically and give you glow and help hydration remain in the skin, or it can be too thick, or too slick, and literally clog the pores of your skin and allow the naturally present bacterium P. acne to flourish to unhealthy levels and cause a breakout.

If you see your Hada aestheticism regularly, you can keep a natural skin balance that will decrease your chance of getting acne flares. Keeping your pores small, healthy, with very low bacterial colony counts will help your skin be clear. This can be done effectively with skin care regimens, nutritional strategies, fitness, hormone balance, as well as uniquely tailored Hada Skin Gym regimen. Experienced technicians can also help with extractions if they are ever necessary.

It’s important to get ski advice as you do not want to overly exfoliate, you want to maximize your skin’s immunity with growth factors, and you may want to take advantage of retinol and peptides to accelerate the clearance of old skin layers as well as clear old collagen and elastin.

Match the cleansers you are using to your cycles, your amount of oiliness, and other skin factors. Don’t forget all the skin sins of exposures to smoke, bacteria on shared keyboards, or your phone! All may cause premenstrual flares to worsen.


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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