This Could Be the Reason Your Legs are Aching

Malfunction of the veins in your lower legs may be a problem.

This can be detected on examination, but specifically an ultrasound can help determine the problem.

We have valves that help push blood from our feet back to our heart, and exercise enhances that upward flow by contracting the muscles.

Standing still, no blood flows, but even in the heel strike position your blood should begin to flow back.

Nutrition, your weight, your hormones, and your exercise, will all help your blood flow be healthy in your lower legs and thus keep your legs looking healthy as well.

The result of poor flow can be aching legs.

The first sign that you have some venous circulation problems in your lower legs ae dilated veins in the superficial and next deeper dermis layer of the skin. These are telangiectasias.

If you have some, they can be handled by simple in office procedures, but also we can discuss some of the health optimization that will keep your legs truly healthy.

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Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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