Menstrual Cup Users Best Advice: Be Aware of Your IUD Strings

IUDs are effective, and should be essentially forgettable contraception. And the medicated IUDs generally prevent women from having menstrual periods. However some of the users will still have periods. Menstrual cup use can still be safe and effective for IUD users. In many cases the menstrual cup sits mid vagina and doesn’t actually hug the cervix, therefore may not even touch the strings. There are no studies to say that concomitant use of both an IUD and a Menstrual Cup together reduces contraceptive effectiveness. There were seven cases recently reported to the journal Contraception, wherein IUD expulsion occurred during concomitant menstrual cup use, and we say that just be aware, and check your strings after menstrual cycles with a menstrual cup use.


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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