Successful Ways to Solve Vaginal Odor Issues!

For women with minor vaginal infections there can be a slightly fishy or sour odor to the vaginal discharge. The discharge itself is usually the culprit of the odor, but the physiology of the vaginal is the real cause of the presence of smell. When the odor is particularly strong, or resistant to the normal bathing and health routines, there are a few common conditions to think about.

The common causes include:

●Neglected foreign body (including retained tampon)

●BV (yeast infections itch and aren’t likely to cause such an odor)


●Infectious ulcer/pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

●Pelvic fistula or tract that has developed connecting the bladder or bowel to the vagina

●Hidradenitis suppurativa which is a chronic inflammatory glandular problem that leads to scaring and oozing of the glands around the vagina, the vulva, the insides of the thighs, or in the under arm

●Chronic constipation and chronic gas

●Urinary incontinence and not changing your pads enough

●Fecal incontinence

●Poor hygiene, particularly after sex

●Malignant ulcer, but even non-cancerous chronic infections, much like pimples can cause an odor

●Excessive genital perspiration and local bacterial colonization related to obesity


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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