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How To Keep Your Sperm Count Up! Here’s a hint: Keep the Testicles Cool!

Most men don’t know what their sperm count is. It’s an easy test and you cannot know the effects of your diet, lifestyle, your supplement or hormone use without doing a sperm count first!

Some studies looked mostly at the absolute numbers of sperm, some looked at the parameters of sperm health like concentration, form, swimming speed, and total volume of semen. Most studies excluded men with other conditions like infections, or medical treatments, so speak to your own health care provider about any treatments you receive.

Temperature is important, occasional hot tub soak is fine, but those balls have to be healthy! Spermatogenesis requires the temperature in the scrotum to be at least 3°C lower than body temperature. An increase in scrotal temperature chronically disturbs spermatogenesis. This is why boxers might be better than jockeys!

Good fats are good for the heart and for sperm count, add in about 600 mg α-lipolic acid a day, or DHA-enriched oil (990 mg DHA + 135 mg EPA) .

Folic acid, especially if trying to have a baby, both mom and dad should get in recommended folic acid amounts per day. 800 mg/day.

Zinc has benefit on sperm counts. Most studies have used zinc sulfate, 220 mg.

Selenium, in doses from 100- 300 mcg/day, may have benefits on both sperm count and other aspects of semen health such as the motility of the sperm. Adding Vitamin C and E to selenium might have some benefit when added in with selenium supplements, 500 mg of C and 300 mg of E.

Don’t smoke, and cut down on alcohol.

CoQ10 in300 or 600 mg dosages has been shown to increase sperm count.

Carnitine has also been shown to increase some parameters of sperm health.

At WHP Health we can easily order those counts, so come to discuss a plan, you may want hormones and blood counts checked as well.


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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