Time at Home To Check Your IUD Strings, but Do You Need To?

  1. All IUD manufacturer’s instructions, and the IUD websites tell you to check your strings!
  2. The CDC does not feel that women need to check your strings
  3. You only have a 1% chance of having your IUD expelled from your uterus in that first month after insertion, about 4% chance in the first year. After that expulsion rates are very low.
  4. About 40% of women who ‘try’ can actually feel their strings.
  5. It is not harmful to check your IUD strings, you will not dislodge the device.
  6. If you cannot feel your strings, and you previously could feel your IUD strings, a medical visit to your gyno can help you determine if the IUD is still in place and functioning.


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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