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Take Your Sport To the Next Level with Yoga

  • You can take your sport to the next level with incorporating yoga into your training regimens
  • There are a number of reasons including mental benefits to practicing yoga when you want to be on your game on game day
  • Yoga can help other sports in many ways. According to a website called YogaRenew, Incorporating yoga for athletes is a practice that can help with stability, alignment, flexibility, mobility, strength, breath, and recovery
  • There are different types of yoga that suit different athletic goals, such as hatha, ashtanga, power, and vinyasa flow. At Hatha Yoga and Fitness we offer a variety of classes, and our signature style is vinyasa flow.
  • Inversion work, even with the fundamental poses like downward facing dog, can improve breathing and respiratory health for various sports.
  • Increased mobility of joints is the best reason to add a couple of sessions of yoga per week to your workout plan
  • In a article on Healthline lists some of the benefits of yoga for athletes, including increasing , balance, and coordination, which enhances performance and prevent injuries so that training is not interrupted
  • Developing mindfulness, which can allow for greater concentration and resilience during athletic activity.
  • Yoga is an important component of relieving stress, encouraging relaxation, and supporting healthy sleep patterns, which are useful for recovery and well-being.
  • In most sports some, flexibility and increased range of motion improves your technique,
  • Decrease muscular tension or strain, so that your muscles don’t have that strained feeling after working out
  • Yoga can muscle build through poses in ways that you currently aren’t strengthening by moving in ways that your individual sport may not incorporate
  • Through all the aspects of yoga, including breathwork and mindfulness you have an Increased rate of recovery from training days if you incorporate yoga
  • Yogis experience stamina and increased endurance with their sport
  • Athletes need breath control no matter what the sport is and yoga breathwork fosters this better than any other sport

So find a studio, or come to Hatha Yoga and Fitness!


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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