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Prevent Vagianal Biofilms with Alternative Treatments

Breaking the cycle of recurrent infections can be difficult. Once you have had repeated vaginal infections there can be a number of physiologic barriers to healing.

1.It may be your immune system, and there are ways to boost your immunity with diet, supplements and exercise.

2. You may have a block that prevents healing right on the vaginal tissue surfaces. The little known concept is that you may have developed a biofilm. The presence of a biofilm. Biofilm is matrix of substances produced by bacteria that caused the infection that irreversibly binds to the tissue, in this case the vagina, which then promotes further production of cells that keep the tissue destroyed and inflamed and prevent a healing. More simply put a vaginal biofilm is a layer on the walls of the vagina that is almost exclusively made by the very organisms that caused the infections in the first place. Biofilms allow organisms to resist treatments with antibiotics and antifungals. Vaginal Biofilms may thus contribute to both chronic relapsing infections as well as to resistance against bacterial or fungal organisms which cause Yeast or BV treatment, so it’s something we need to gab about! There is a microscopic layer that acts as a enclosed and highly favorable nutrient environment for bacteria and yeast to exist within. If they exist within this layer then they are impenetrable to the antibiotics delivered though the blood stream in the case of oral medicines, or in the local environment as with creams and suppositories.

2. You may be resistant to the treatment you have tried. Just because a vaginal infection treatment worked in the past, it may not work in the future. Biofilm is the cause as well. It is why sometimes treatments seem to initially work, but then become resistant to the treatment as the organisms not in the biofilm will be eradicated, so some symptoms willl resolve, and the organisms behind the biofilm will maintain their presence.

3. Heat therapies, non-traditional, are very effective. Non-ablative laser therapy with CO2 lasers and heat treatments with radiofrequency energy are thought to be able to kill the biofilm without antibiotics.

4. Antibiotic use may have contributed, but it can also help heal the biofilm problem. Treating with antibiotics over a very long time, with the right dosage and right medication, may slowly penetrate the biofilm.

5. Stopping all therapy and providing immune support and changing the gut bacteria may enable the body to penetrate the biofilm from within to heal. In otherwords, sometimes you just have to be patient!


Suzanne Trupin, MD, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and owner of Women's Health Practice, Hada Cosmetic Medicine, and Hatha Yoga and Fitness

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